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Shot selection around the green made simple.

Making a clear decision of the shot to play is as important as the execution of the shot itself. The biggest mistake golfers can make is not having a clear understanding of which shot is best to play, and offers the best chance of a successful execution. In order to choose your shot, relate the shot to something that you have lots of experience to draw from… throwing a ball, throwing horseshoes, throwing the bean bag in the game corn hole. All those activities have one thing in common… using your eyes to process the combination of distance and trajectory. The eyes take in the necessary information that lead you to exactly how hard and with what trajectory to make your best pitch.

Imagine that you are standing at your shot; ask yourself how would I throw this ball to the hole? A high, medium, or low trajectory. Something about the situation will inform you which option is best to choose. Is the pin cut front with little green to work with? Or is the pin in the back with ample green to work with. Now that you have used your vision to image the shot, simply step up and react to the image you just created in your mind.

Next time you are at the practice facility, go the short game area with two balls. Put yourself in different situations and throw the first ball, then duplicate the shot with your wedge. With a little practice you will become more adept and creative with visualizing your shots. Now that you have developed the visualization skills of an elite player, it’s time for a visit to Walt Disney World® Golf to develop the shot-making skills to match.

Written by Michael Schlager, PGA.

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